Agricultural world: The IFDC Burkina Office opens to the public

IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center) is an international non-profit technical institution. It works in the search for better solutions for the development of agriculture. In order to increase the visibility of its actions with agricultural actors, the IFDC Burkina Office organized 48 hours of open days. It was in the pouring rain that the launch ceremony took place on May 23, 2022 at the institution’s headquarters in Ouagadougou. 

IFDC’s mission is to develop better technologies that improve soil health and plant nutrition for increased farm productivity, building capacity in rural and urban markets with high-quality agricultural products, accessible to all, especially low-income consumers. In order to increase the visibility of its actions with the agricultural world, the IFDC Burkina office organized 48 hours of open days.

Dr Bocar Diagana is the Deputy Regional Director of IFDC North and West Africa. He placed this activity under the meaning of openness and sharing. “We organized this activity to welcome current or potential partners and customers. In addition, we want to share information on what we are doing, on our experience, on what we have achieved in Burkina Faso with the support of our partners,” he explained.

IFDC focuses on action research to create market attraction and stimulate demand for improved technologies and also help increase production through large-scale adoption of improved technologies. The IFDC Burkina Office has carried out several interventions in the field of agricultural development in the country. Its actions have focused on supporting the fertilizer sector, rebuilding degraded and nutrient-depleted soils, managing soil fertility and empowering women. 

“We want to forge new partnerships for the benefit of the agricultural world in Burkina. Our greatest wish is to limit imports for the benefit of local production, whether in businesses or farms,” said IFDC representative in Burkina, Adodo Abalo.

These 48 hours of open days (May 23 to 24, 2022) will beat to the rhythm of several activities, in particular the visit of exhibition stands and the organization of frameworks for relational exchanges between the actors. For the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Victor Bonogo, this is an activity of capital importance to make known to the various actors (producers, processors, agricultural entrepreneurs, input suppliers and consumers) the expertise and many technologies from IFDC Burkina. 

Issouf Tapsoba


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