Nagréongo solar power plant: The Prime Minister discusses with the actors

On the morning of this Tuesday, July 05, 2022, the Prime Minister, Albert Ouédraogo, received in audience a delegation of those involved in setting up the Nagréongo solar power plant, led by Robinson Alazraki, Africa Director of the company GreenYellow.

Launched in 2020, the Nagréongo solar power plant project in the Central Plateau is completed and its inauguration is scheduled for this Thursday, July 7, 2022 after commissioning. It is the result of a partnership between different actors including the company GreenYellow and the local structure Africa Energy Corporation (AEC). This is how this visit to the Primature came about. The objective being for the actors to thank the authorities of Burkina Faso for the support in the development of the project. “I would like to thank the authorities of Burkina Faso for supporting us in the development of the project. Since the beginning, the Ministry of Energy in the first place and all the authorities through the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance, SONABEL also, everyone worked together to make this project a reality in record time. Today, the Ouagadougou Solar Energy Production Company (SPES) is the leading independent electricity producer in Burkina Faso thanks to this joint work. And we are extremely proud to put it into operation,” said Robinson Alazraki, Africa Director of GreenYellow.

It should be noted that the Plant has a production capacity of 30 megawatts of electricity. And the electricity purchase contract which was signed with SONABEL has a duration of 25 years. To this end, Robinson Alazraki took the opportunity to specify that the project will be accompanied by a whole series of actions in favor of local communities, in particular the creation of income-generating activities, support for the local CSPS, employment people from local communities during construction, and during operation over the next 25 years and a whole series of actions on access to energy, with a dedicated annual budget of 35,000,000 FCFA over the entire duration of these 25 years. And for this, the actors in setting up this plant are delighted to be able to serve the Burkinabè population.

Alizeta Zoure


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