1st Edition of the Bàlo d’or: The actors of the agricultural world magnified

This October 1, 2020 was held in the Ouaga 2000 conference room the first edition of the award ceremony for actors in the world of agriculture called Bàlo d’or 2020 or the night of the Burkinabé family farmer. This first edition was placed under the patronage of the President of Faso Roch Kabore and the Co-sponsorships of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso (CCI-BF), Mahamadi Savadogo and the representative of FAO at Burkina Dauda Sau.

Reward the most deserving players in the world of Agriculture and its sub-sectors which are agriculture, the environment and livestock. This is the objective of this 1 st edition of the Golden Balo. For the President of the Organizing Committee, Georges Kiénou, the night of the family farmer is an opportunity to award prizes to players in the field who have distinguished themselves during the year. “The objective of the Bàlo d’or is to encourage the best players in the field, to make them role models and invite them to more work for better performance,” he said.

A total of five categories were taken into account for this first edition, namely the best family farmer category, the best family farmer, the best young family farmer, the best farmer organization and the best technician. Apart from the best technician category, three prizes were awarded per category (silver, bronze, gold).

In the best family operator category, Bandé Alidou from Bazéga receives bronze, Sawadogo Habibou gets silver and Siennou Bassirou from Boucle du Mouhoun is the lucky winner of the gold trophy in the category. On behalf of the best family farmer, Kassongo née Sama Bobodo sylvie du Houet won bronze, Coulibaly Késseyzou du Mouhoun won silver and gold for Kabore Téné du Bazéga. As for the best young family farmer, gold went to Paré Yaya from Nayala, silver to Ouedraogo Karim from Kourwéogo and Kiemtoré Sylvain from the center is content with bronze.

For the best peasant organization, the bronze is awarded to the Provincial Union of Agricultural Professionals BENBA of Nayala, the silver to the Simplified Cooperative Djam Wari of Koulpélogo and the Simplified Cooperative Wendwaoga of Ganzourgou wins gold. In the last category which is that of the best technician, Kouama Athanase from Kourwéogo, Nignan Safiatou from oubritenga and Nabie Yadounou from Banwa are the happy winners.

The value of the awards range from 300,000 CFA francs for the best coaches to 15 million CFA francs for the best family farm. In the opinion of Siénnou Bassirou, winner of the Bàlo d’or best family farmer and who won the prize of 15 million CFA francs, “this prize is an invitation to more dedication to work in order to increase yields and ‘encourage other actors to get involved’.

For the President of Faso, this night of distinction is a laudable initiative as it invites more hard work to achieve food self-sufficiency. He reaffirmed his commitment to support actions in this direction. At the same time Roch Kaboré received the honorary prize of the Bàlo d’or as well as a memorandum from the president of the organizing committee.

Tiba Kassamse Ouedraogo (intern)


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